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Unlocking Your Curiosity

Lollytots is proudly bringing Parents, Babies & Tots together with lots of bonding, play-time fun, music, and creativity in a beautiful forest environment. The indoor space has been made to feel outdoors which opens all the senses. We have bubbles, songs, baby gyms, toys, a treehouse, an art studio and swings. Lolly is the guiding force and truly believes that moms need each other to thrive. Keep reading to learn more about us!

Moms and Babies

Creating the Freedom To Be Yourselves

We have created a space where Babies & Tots feel safe to grow and develop at their own pace. We are currently in a competitive, fast-paced, highly stimulating world. At Lollytots we aim to slow things down slightly for babies using sensory sensitive techniques such as sensory massaging and swinging. There will be a lot more of enjoyment for all involved in these exciting classes where we all can bond and chat.   



Motherhood is unique and guided by instinct, when we learn to connect with nature and self we slowly learn to trust these instincts.

Lauren Joy Smit, the founder of Lollytots is a mom of 3 with a set of twin boys. Lolly has a degree in social psychology, with a counselling diploma specialising in child development. She has also trained as a child-centred play therapist and believes that play is crucial to our bonds and development as children. 
Lolly also worked in London with sleep specialists where she spent hours trying to better understand children’s sleep patterns. 

Children’s physical development, and, their social interactions has been a passion of hers for the past 15years. Over these years she has developed her own daily schedules and routines for infants and toddlers. 

At Lollytots we aim to explore what makes us all connected, such as our drives for social relationships and our relationship with nature and how it enhances immunities.
We want to bring this all together using advanced exposures to nature, music and various natural textures. 

The outdoor forest environment at Lollytots encourages this connection with nature while enhancing their immune systems, therefore helping them to naturally develop in their own unique ways. 

We are excited to share in this new journey of parenting with you!

Boy Leaning Against a Tree

“Nature is a tool to get children to experience not just the wider world but themselves.” Stephen Moss